Glasses? Bye Felicia! LASIK Tomorrow & I Can’t Wait!

Glasses? Bye Felicia! LASIK Tomorrow & I Can’t Wait!

Let’s talk freedom! The kind of freedom that comes with waking up and actually seeing your alarm clock without fumbling for your glasses on the nightstand. The kind of freedom that means pool days with the kids won’t involve a frantic search for lost contacts (or worse, swimming with one eye open!). That’s right, after 20 glorious (but blurry) years, I’m finally getting LASIK eye surgery tomorrow!

Can you believe it? Twenty years of glasses perched on my nose, slipping down during yoga (child’s pose anyone?), and leaving embarrassing indentations after a long cuddle session with the little ones. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my glasses – they became part of my signature look. But lately, the constant cleaning, the frustration of foggy lenses during mommy duty (because, let’s be honest, spit-up happens!), and the ever-present fear of losing or breaking them has just gotten old.

So, after tons of research (and maybe a teeny tiny bit of encouragement from my amazing husband!), I decided to take the plunge. The consultation went smoothly, my doctor is fantastic, and I’m feeling surprisingly calm (okay, maybe a touch nervous, but mostly excited!).

I know LASIK isn’t for everyone, and there are definitely some things to consider. But for me, the thought of waking up and seeing the world clearly, without the need for corrective lenses, is simply exhilarating. Think about it – no more squinting at grocery store labels, no more blurry mornings rushing out the door, and best of all, no more “Mommy, where are my glasses?” tantrums!

I’ll be sure to share my LASIK journey with you all – from the pre-surgery jitters to the glorious moment I wake up with 20/20 vision! Wish me luck, mamas!

In the meantime, if you’ve been considering LASIK yourself, I highly recommend doing your research and finding a reputable doctor you trust. It’s a big decision, but for some of us, it could be the ultimate game-changer!

See you on the other side (with perfect vision!)

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